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Below you will find outstanding, short tips about garage doors, component parts and openers. They are short, but they are super! These tips will help you handle garage door issues properly

Breaking the beam

This is a technique that is recommended by our technicians for checking the reversing mechanism. First ensure that the door is open to its fullest extent. You should then push the wall button or transmitter to close the structure. Use a stick or a similar object in front of the photo eyes to break the beam.

Cleaning the photo eyes

It is always a good idea to clean the photo eyes because they are essential for checking your reversing mechanisms. Try to use a dry cloth that is also soft. During this cleaning process you should take the opportunity to realign the eyes if they require it. These simple steps will make the maintenance easy.

Adhere to proper door maintenance

To ensure that your door is operating safely, you should follow a proper maintenance schedule for your door. Although some minor lubrication and cleaning can be done on your own, never try to repair and fix components. Garage door maintenance should be performed annually, quarterly or on a monthly basis.

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